HHT @ FFull Moon 2022!

Happy Hole Toys is a proud sponsor of Fist Fest's 25th anniversary fistivities! Keep scrolling to learn more about our shop and handmade Platinum Silicone toys!

Save $15 on any Made to Order toy purchased on this page, just for Fist Fest attendees. Quantities are limited!

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Made for YOU!

We've opened a limited number of made-to-order slots for Fist Fest attendees to purchase toys in select sizes!

Choose from two signature colorways, Opalescent Rainbow and Seacock. Both are UV-reactive AND glow in the dark! Scroll through photos below for examples, and see them for yourself in the Happy Hole Blacklight Lounge!

Since each pour is unique, it'll be a fun surprise to see exactly what your made-to-order toy looks like when it arrives!

Make Your Hole a Happy Hole

Meet the models...


PNW Collection


PNW Collection


PNW Collection


Happy Hole Classics

Pride Plug

Happy Hole Classics