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Excellent product and packaging!

"The toys themselves are excellently made, gorgeous items. The attention to detail is fantastic, in the toys and the packaging. The entire experience exceeds expectations. So much care goes in to the packages shipped. I've made more than one purchase and the quality is consistent. I can't say enough good things about shopping with HHT."

- @nickthegeekbear, Twitter

Classic & Simple Elegance

Happy Hole Customers Say

Pride Plug 12" (original design)

10/10 would recommend!

"Mad props to @HappyHoleToys this thing is gorgeous and beautifully made. Go check them out, they are WELL worth it."

- @PigPupDodger, Twitter

From left: Magister Medium, Sasquatch Large, Pride Plug 6" with Lil' Peckers in front

5 stars for sure!

"Overall great experiences buying from HHT and I highly recommend their wares. Sasquatch, Magister and the Pride Plug are lovely models and they have some rad UV and GITD! ✨ Everything is so nicely packaged! 👏"

- @HausGecko, Twitter