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Our Toys

How do I clean your toys?

Since Platinum Cured Silicone is non-porous and heat-proof, it's much easier to clean than plastic toys. It can even be heat sanitized in boiling water while plastic toys would melt!

To Handwash: Thoroughly wash the toy with antibacterial soap and warm water, using your fingers to gently scrub and remove all excess lube. Avoid using brushes or other tools that may scratch the surface of the toy, as well as soaps that include ingredients that end in "-cone," such as Dimethicone, which can harm silicone toys. It's best to wash your toys as soon as convenient after playing, otherwise just be mindful to remove anything that may have dried.

Dongsmith's Note: Since Platinum Silicone is non-pourous, it cleans easily. As long as they're cleaned thoroughly, it's not truly necessary to heat sanitize our toys after each use. However, it's sometimes nice to know your toys are heat sanitized, such as before and after playing with different partners, or if you want to enjoy the same toy both vaginally and anally. As an added bonus, toys look beautiful after boiling since they air dry quickly without collecting lint as they will from towel drying.

Boil to Sanitize: To heat sanitize your toy after washing with soap and water, bring a pot of water to a boil and carefully place the toy in the pot for 10 minutes. Carefully remove the toy and stand it upright on a towel to air dry. We recommend using a kitchen towel as they usually shed less lint than bath towels.

We promise you won't hurt them! Platinum Cured Silicone can withstand temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. In fact, your toy has already been boiled! During post-processing, each and every HHT toy is washed with Dawn original dish soap then boiled for 10 minutes, a process that some affectionately refer to as "making dong soup."

Dishwasher: Load the dishwasher with toys only and run on "sanitize" or whichever cycle runs hottest* on your dishwasher. Do not use detergent as it's too harsh and can harm your toys!

Cycle temperatures are listed in the manual. If you don't have that, you can find the manual online by searching for your dishwasher's model number + "manual."

* Disclaimer: While all dishwashers, including those without a sanitize feature, will be able to remove most things from the surface a toy using very hot water, your dishwasher won't be able to truly sanitize your toys unless it can reach 150 degrees Fahrenheit (NSF).

Our cleaning instructions expand on Brown University's recommended sex toy sanitization methods.

What lube can I use with your toys?

We generally recommend using water-based lubes. Oil-based lubes are also just fine, but can be a little more difficult to clean off the toy.

We know silicone and hybrid lubes are popular, but we cannot recommend their use. There is a wide variety of formulations and ingredients that these may contain and some have the potential to harm your toy.

What makes Happy Hole Toys "body-safe?"

Our toys are made with 100% Platinum Cured Silicone which is a fantastic material for sex toys! It's body-safe, non-toxic, latex free, phthalate free, hypoallergenic, and long lasting (doesn't degrade over time). It has a supple, skin-like softness, but still a good firm bounce to hit all the right spots. Unlike many plastic sex toys, it's both safe AND feels great, and we love it!

If fact we think it's so great we have a whole page about it! More about Platinum Silicone

What are UV-reactive pigments?

UV-reactive pigments are vibrant, fluorescent colors that "POP!" when exposed to ultra-violet light (blacklight). Many of our pours include one or more UV-reactive pigments.

They usually express themselves in two ways -- either elements of the pour that are visible in the daylight become extra vibrant, or hidden designs are revealed -- it all depends on the colors and individual pour!

Our "Opalescent Rainbow" signature colorway is a good example of the first kind, while the green in our "Seacock Spirit" pour is UV-reactive and can hide in the silver and dark blue!

Some collectors really love UV-reactive toys and store them on shelves or in cabinets with UV light strips!

Do you use cosmetic-grade mica and pigments?

Yes! We use only cosmetic-grade mica and Silc-Pig pigment. We believe safe toys are sexy. We start with premium-quality silicone and we don't want to ruin a good thing with ingredients that aren't similarly safe.

What are some tips and tricks about glow-in-the-dark toys?

Glowing toys can enhance your play experience and look amazing when not in use -- you won't want to store these under your bed! However, not all toys that glow in the dark will provide the same effect:

  • We usually add the glow to one color per pour style. In our "Opalescent Rainbow" and "Stormy Seas" pours it goes in the clear, while we add it to the green in our "Seacock" pour.
  • Color pigments reduce the amount of light that can penetrate into a toy to charge the glow. They also absorb light from the glow itself. Lighter color toys will naturally glow brighter than darker toys.

To select a signature colorway toy that glows more than others, look for:

  • Opalescent Rainbow: Less saturated pours will glow very bright (more clear with glow, less pigment to block/absorb light)
  • Seacock: Glow is directly related to green. The blue is very dark and saturated and limits how much pours with less green will glow.
  • Stormy Seas: The glow clear is generally evenly distributed, but the darker colors reduce glow efficacy. Select one with less dark coloration for more glow.

Last tips:

  • Toys will be charged by all light sources, but some are better than others. LED lighting usually has a low energy output, they generally glow brighter being charged with an incandescent bulb.
  • UV wavelengths charge toys exceptionally well (we use UV lights to charge toys for photoshoots). Sunlight also works great!
Why do some of your toys say they're "anal-safe" and what does that mean?

Our toys were designed to be enjoyed no matter your gender or anatomy!

While there is no such thing as a "dildo for men" or a "dildo for women," people of all genders and anatomies should only enjoy toys anally that are designed to be "anal-safe."

An anal-safe toy must have a base that, relative to the rest of the toy, is wide enough to prevent the toy from unintentionally fully entering the body. Additionally, the base must be thick enough so it cannot fold and slip inside the user. All of our models except Otter Squishes are designed to be anal-safe.

For example, a V-Plug and a Butt Plug could both have the same bulb shape, but on the V-plug, the neck might just flare out just a bit to make it easier to hold and have no true "base." It may not even stand up very well!

However, the butt plug should have a base that flares out wider than the widest of the plug bulb and be thick enough to be sturdy. Most will easily stand on their base, unless the base design is not flat.

Do any of your toys come with suction cups?

We do not offer toys with built-in suction cups at this time.

However, a few indie shops sell double-sided suction cups that can be used between your toy and a secure surface. Like us, many these shops operate with a drop-model and may sell out between drops.

You might also check out 20spoons for an alternate approach that harnesses your toy to a rolled up towel.

Double-sided suction cups are incredibly strong! Have a look (demonstrative only, NO in-use content):

What's the difference between a "flop" and an "important toy disclosure?"

Both indicate that a toy has a minor, generally cosmetic, manufacturing defect. We do NOT sell any toys with defects that may render the toy unsafe for use or could compromise its structural integrity.

The severity of the defect determines whether it's noted as a disclosure in "Dongsmith's Notes" or is a "flop," and is discounted according to severity.

"Important Toy Disclosures" are generally very minor, such as:

  • A speck of dust is fully encapsulated in silicone. These are purely cosmetic and cannot be felt. Most of these are only discovered in our final QA under optimal lighting conditions when we inspect every inch of the toy. They are so tiny that you are unlikely to see them under everyday conditions.
  • Small, fully encapsulated pigment specks.

There are a few reasons we tend to "flop" toys:

  • A "rustic" trim job (hey, it's not as easy as it sounds!!).
  • Fully encapsulated larger pigment specks or dust.
  • Late breaking bubbles on the bottom of the base (a non-usable surface).
  • A pock mark that is large enough that it can be easily cleaned and will not trap fluids.

We will never sell:

  • Toys with bubbles, tears, or other flaws on usable surfaces that are difficult to clean, or could tear and cause toy to fail over time.
  • Toys with glow/pigment/mica clumps at the surface.
Do you trim your toys?

Yes, absolutely. We believe that part of the appeal of Platinum Silicone is it's durability, that you can have them for years.

Untrimmed toys have a delicate edge along the base that easily tears when removing the toy from a surface. Over time, these tears can weaken the integrity of the toy potentially leading to failure.

Do you have any realistic models?

While we don't have any realistic models at this time, stay tuned! In the meantime, our Sasquatch model has the most realistic features, with a little extra cryptid flair.

What's the difference between Inventory Toys and Made-to-Order (MTO) Toys?

Inventory Toys include Premium Pours like our Opalescent Rainbow and Seacock Spirit signature colorways, as well as Single-Color Toys. Premium Pours are added during pre-announced drops, but Single-Color Toys may be added at any time. Shop Inventory Toys for one-of-a-kind Premium Pours, to see if there’s a Single-Color Toy with your favorite specs, and for flop deals. They also ship faster!

Made-to-Order (MTO) Toys allow you to customize your toy right down to the firmness, in colors from our two single-color collections, UV-Sparkle and Natural Series. And we never run out!

When operating our standard Shipping and MTO Production Schedules, Inventory Toys ship M/W/F with a 3pm Pacific cutoff, and MTO Toys ship within two weeks of ordering. Please see our Fulfillment Status page for current lead times.

What's the difference between a Premium Pour and Single-Color Pour?

Premium Pour Toys are usually made with UV-reactive pigments and glow-in-the-dark, and they're added to our store during pre-announced "drops." If you're unfamiliar with "drop model" sex toy shops like ours, this guide explains how drops work and what to expect!

While our UV-Sparkle Single Color Toys are made with UV-reactive pigments like our Premium Pours, glow-in-the-dark is a Premium Pour exclusive feature.

Can I use a condom on your toy?

Condoms should not be used on our toys.

Condoms are usually lubricated, and without knowing what type of lube it is, there is the chance it could contain ingredients that may damage your toy. The best thing about our toys is that they’re non-pororus and can be boiled to sanitize making them super easy to truly clean!

Our Shop

Do you take orders for custom toys?

While we do not take orders for true "customs," our Made-to-Order Toys offer great flexibility, and with single-color pours you know exactly what you're going to get!

If you're looking for an item in a Premium Pour that we're out of, you can always submit a request to our Toy Request Form that we use for inspiration and to gauge interest for toys to pour for future drops! We are most likely to pour requests for our three signature colorways, Opalescent Rainbow, Seacock Spirit, and Stormy Seas, as they are included in each drop.

What's a "drop" and how does your shop work?

A drop is when we add a bunch of new toys our store at a pre-announced time.

While our Single-Color Pours may be added to the Single-Color Inventory Toy listings at any time and are available Made-to-Order (MTO), Premium Pours and flop toys are only added during drops. Since Premium Pour Toys are all unique and flop toy listings include specific disclosure photos, they are merchandised individually with each listing in for a particular item.

We sometimes run out of popular models of Premium Pours between drops. Drops currently occur every few months. Read more about how drop day works, as well as tips and tricks to get the toy you want!

If you're not finding the either the model-size or pour style of a toy that you're looking for, be sure to follow us on social media for updates (Twitter, Insta)! Also, let us know what that is with our Toy Request Form, so we can try to work it into a future drop!

Where are your toys sold?

Our toys are available here on our website and can also be found at Seattle's Doghouse Leathers on Capitol Hill! Please note that specific toys available on are not available at Doghouse Leathers, but shipping in the Seattle area is usually under $10 unless you're really going big!


Is your shipping box discreet?

Orders ship in a plain brown box. A standard shipping label lists the shipper as "HHT SHIPPING" with our Seattle return address. What's in your box is just between us squirrel-friends 😉

Standalone orders of lil peckers or stickers may ship in a plain bubble mailer or envelope but will have the same shipper information noted above. 

Wanna see? Scroll past our current shipping status on our Fulfillment Status page for a picture!

When will my order ship?

Orders with Inventory Toys ONLY usually ship every M/W/F with a 3pm Pacific cutoff. Made-to-Order items ship within two weeks when we are operating our standard Production Schedule.

However, as a small business we may need to adjust these Fulfillment Schedules. Please see our Fulfillment Status page for our current Inventory Toy shipping schedule and MTO Toy Production Schedule.

NOTE: Orders with both Inventory Toys AND MTO Toys will ship once the MTO Toys have been produced. Please order Inventory Toys separately for faster fulfillment.

What do I need to know as an international customer?

International customers assume full responsibility to pay applicable taxes, fees, duties, VAT, or any other import/customs charges.

Once an order ships, Happy Hole Toys only has access to the same tracking information as you and is not responsible for issues during shipment, including but not limited to:

  • Delays due to customs.
  • Gaps in tracking information (generally once the shipment leaves the US).
  • Loss in transit - Customer is responsible for filing a claim with the carrier.
  • Damage in transit - Customer is responsible for filing a claim with the carrier.
  • Theft - Customer is responsible for filing a claim with the carrier.

Customs forms:

  • Product will be described as “Silicone Sculpture.”
  • Customs forms will accurately represent the value of the shipped goods. We will not misrepresent prices listed on customs forms or falsely state a shipment contains “gifts.”
  • You are responsible for ensuring your name and shipping address are entered accurately at checkout.
Do you offer Seattle order pickup?

Hey neighbor! Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate order pickups at this time. However, shipping in Washington state is generally less than $10, even for big orders!

Our toys are also sold at Seattle's Doghouse Leathers on Capitol Hill! Please note that that specific toys available on our are not available at Doghouse Leathers.

I have a shipping issue (loss, damage, delay, theft).

Note that once an order ships, Happy Hole Toys only has access to the same tracking information as you do, and is not responsible for issues during shipment, including but not limited to:

  • Loss in transit - Customer is responsible for filing a claim with the carrier.
  • Damage in transit - Customer is responsible for filing a claim with the carrier.
  • Gaps in tracking/extended stays at a sorting facility - Customer is responsible for inquiring with shipper.
  • Theft - Customer is responsible for filing a claim with the carrier and the appropriate local authorities (sometimes time-sensitive!).

While packages en-route are entirely in the shipper's control and we are usually unable to directly resolve issues related to the shipper's service (damage, loss, or delays), please let us know if you have an issue with shipping, after inquiring with the shipper. We want to be aware if a shipping service we offer is disappointing our customers. And know that we really, really hate that your experience is less than perfect. 

Please see our Shipping Policy in our Terms & Conditions for more domestic and International shipping information.

Do you combine orders in one shipment box?

We do combine orders! We will automatically combine orders that have the same customer name, shipping address, AND email address, as long as your first order has not already been packed.

We tend to pack orders pretty quickly, often within a few hours or less, so if you've placed one order and plan to order something else
later that day, email us at and we'll
wait to pack things until your second order is received!

You will be refunded any savings in shipping costs.

If the order info doesn't quite all match and you'd like to request order combination, please email us ASAP!

Where do you ship?

At this time we ship to USA and CAN addresses.

My Order

How do charges appear on my card statement?

Charges will appear on your credit/debit card statement as "SP*HHT PMTS."

What if I receive the wrong product?

If you suspect that you received the wrong product, please DO NOT open the package. Write to us at, reference your order number, and if possible include a photo of the front and back of the package so we can get this sorted out.

What if I find an issue with my new toy?

If you have recently received your toy and find an issue, please contact us as soon as possible. If the product is still in its sealed package, do NOT open it as this reduces the ways we can resolve the issue.

Write to us at and reference your order number.

If you have a camera, please include photos of the front and back of the package if it's still sealed. If the toy package has been open please send a photo of the toy and a close-up of the issue.