Our Models

We currently have two collections with six models of toys. Our PNW Collection of fantasy toys are inspired by local cryptids and creatures, while our HHT Classics are more familiar, approachable shapes.


Inspired by the notoriously phallic Geoduck found burrowing along the Washington coastline, Geo's ready to dig deep!


Let's get to the point, Magister's a wild good time! The most textured toy in our lineup, Magister's claw and base nubs can stimulate deep and at the surface at the same time.

Otter Squishes

Many love squishes just because they're so darn cute! Made with body-safe Platinum Silicone, they may be enjoyed for external stimulation but are not intended to be inserted.


We found Sasquatch! Well, a part of him 😜

Featuring a muscular, girthy shaft with enticing veins atop a sturdy base of big hairy balls, Sasquatch is one of our most popular models!


With four gradually thickening segments and a smooth surface free of textured features, many consider Axol to be our most approachable model.

It's a delightfully simple yet satisfying toy with a sturdy, contoured base.

Pride Plug

Available in six sizes from 6 inch to 12 inch max circumference, Pride Plug features a gradual taper for smooth insertion and removal and a girthy neck for a nice stretch!