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Pride Plug comes in seven sizes from 6 inch to 12 inch where the size denotes the maximum circumference.

The maximum circumference is the Middle Circumference, while the Shaft-Base Circumference is the girth at the neck. The Top Circumference can be thought of as the point on the bulb where it's the same thickness as the neck -- see the graphic below!

Total Length is measured from the top of the bulb to the bottom of the base. Insertable Length is from the top to the midpoint of where the toy transitions from neck to base.

Click for text-reader friendly Pride Plug size measurements.

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Design & Use Notes

Pride Plug is a fun, versatile plug that we think you're going to love!

Designed with comfort and safety in mind, Pride Plug has quickly become a best-seller. The bulb has a gradual, natural-feeling curve for smooth insertion and removal with a consistent shape across all sizes, while the girthy neck helps to loosen your hole.

The tapered anal-safe base is reassuringly thick and sturdy, and also super comfy. It's discreet, making Pride Plug perfect for "everyday use" like wearing around the house or for a walk to the store! Raised tips add a bit of extra mass for a secure fit and also make it easier to grip.

Whether your goal is to relax your hole for some fun, increase streching ability, or for a little prostate stimulation while WFH, Pride Plug will #makeyourholeahappyhole!

With a consistent, uniform design across all sizes, it's easy to see why customers love Pride Plug!

Customers love Pride Plug!

Pride Plug 12" (00-40) Seacock (original design)

10/10 would recommend!

Ok y'all, @HappyHoleToys makes some amazing stuff! I have been stretching myself out on this one for a few weeks now. I'm not there yet but it's a great combination of firmness to help you get it in but pliable enough to be very enjoyable!

- @PigPupDodger (Twitter)

Pride Plug 12" (00-40) Seacock (original design)
Pride Plug 12" (00-40) Seacock (original design)

I love this plug!

It has a perfect firmness and shape to remain in place comfortably. Not to mention the beautiful color and pour pattern. I knew I needed to have it in my collection from the moment I saw it!


About the Artist

Pride Plug is an HHT Original.

Axol is an HHT Original and was modeled, printed, molded in Seattle, just like each hand-poured toy.

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