HHT Classics

Pride Plug Reloaded

Your favorite Pride Plug has been upgraded, and it's beautiful! The fully redesigned base is more comfortable, easier to grip, and satisfyingly sturdy. The bulb's smooth curves are refined but very familiar -- we know you love Pride Plug and we didn't want to mess up a good thing!

Find the right fit!

Pride Plug comes in seven sizes, from 6" to 12", measured by maximum circumference. Each Pride Plug is poured in 100% Platinum Cured Silicone, a skin safe material that's long lasting and easy to sanitize. Our toys have a soft matte finish that helps to hold the lube while looking beautiful for years to come!

About the Artist

Pride Plug is an HHT Original.

Pride Plug was modeled, printed, molded, and, like all of our toys, each and every one is poured by hand in Seattle!