We're Happy Hole Toys,

an adult toy maker owned and operated by a gay-boy couple in Seattle.

Happy Hole Toys was founded in October 2020 and launched on April 15, 2021. We enjoy connecting with many of our amazing customers on Twitter or Instagram. We made the exciting move into physical retail when our toys launched at Seattle's own sex and kink-positive shop, Doghouse Leathers, on September 3, 2021!

Our toys are thoughtfully designed, beautiful, and handmade with body safe materials to appeal to newbies and aficionados alike, right here in Seattle. 

We feel dildos and butt plugs unfairly get a bad rap, yet we're confident that honest, high-quality products made by great indie makers can help to change that.

Our brand is a bit "cheeky" which we felt that would be a little more approachable to our friends who are are intrigued but a bit "shy," are "just curious," or simply inexperienced. But we still design plenty for our "biggest" audience -- those who know what they love, which includes the perpetual search for the a new thrill and the next challenge.

In short, we think dildos and butt plugs should be fun and look great!

Whether you're enjoying a little #selflove or adding a little extra to consenting fun, Happy Hole Toys are the ideal Platinum Cured Silicone toy for you!

Happy Hole Toys

Good, honest dildos.

Handcrafted with 💚  in Seattle.