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Since each toy is handmade and unique, each store listing is for a single item.

We sometimes run out of a model-size combination or two, depending on how long it’s been since our last drop. Don't worry, we should have more in our next drop!

If you're unfamiliar with the drop model, this guide explains how drops work and what to expect!

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What's a "Drop?"

A "drop" is when a batch of new toys is added to our store at a previously announced date and time.

Drops currently occur about once a month, and toys vary in quantity. Models, sizes, and pour styles contained in each drop are different too!

Our Toy Request Form helps us decide what to include in future drops -- submit your request now!

How's it work?

Drops are announced about a week in advance, and that's usually when we start showing off the drop toys. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Insta! @HappyHoleToys

Drop days are pretty busy, and a lot of fun!

Our store typically goes down four hours before the drop time.

Our store opens for the Preshop two hours before the drop so everyone has the chance to browse.

The moment the drop goes live, customers rush to buy the toy they have their eyes on.

Sometimes multiple people are after the same toy -- keep reading for tips to secure the toy you want!

Drop Tips and FAQ:

During the Preshop, drop items will feature a red "Sold Out" label, but the description will say "[COMING SOON]." Marking items as sold out allows us to make the items available for browsing while keeping the drop fair to all by not allowing drop items to be preemptively added to carts.

Be set up with Quick Checkout options like ShopPay, Google Pay, or Apple Pay, and be sure your shipping address is correct. Having payment and shipping info ready to go will increase your chances of getting the toy you want!

Refresh your browser at drop time until the item becomes available.  If, after the drop time, the item still shows as “Sold Out,” then someone has most likely already purchased the item.

There are NO cart holds. Adding a toy to your cart does NOT guarantee that it's yours. The first person to complete the checkout process gets it!

Order Consolidation will occur automatically for orders placed until 23:59 PT on drop day that have the same customer name, ship to address, AND email address. We will refund you the balance of any incremental shipping you were charged at checkout after we have calculated the total shipment cost. If you didn’t use the same info listed above and would like to request order combination, please contact us ASAP at happyhelpers@happyholetoys.com. Please note that as we work quickly to ship orders as fast as possible, we're unable to consolidate orders that have already been packed.