body safe platinum silicone

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4/18 Restock Photos!

Sparkle and shine

4/18 Restock

Our three signature colorways are all made with body safe Platinum Silicone, UV-reactive pigments, and glow in the dark materials.

Each toy is a unique pour, no two are alike!

Platinum Cured Silicone is...

body safe, feels great

Platinum Silicone is nonporous, easy to clean, and feels like the real deal! Learn about heat-sanitizing your Platinum Silicone toys, something you can't do with plastic!

PNW Collection

Meet Magister (PNW Collection)

From the deep blue to deep in you, Magister's highly-textured claw will have you pinching yourself for more!

Find Sasquatch (PNW Collection)

We found Sasquatch!

Well, a part of him 😜

Catch Geo

Modeled after the notoriously phallic and large Geoduck (gooey-duck), Geo digs deep!

Happy Hole Classics


A Happy Hole Classic, now available at Doghouse! A delightfully simple toy that gradually thickens.

Pride Plug

Coming in 7 sizes from 6" to 12," find the Pride Plug that gives you just the stretch you're looking for!

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