Since many of our toys are beautiful, one-of-a-kind pours, we do things a bit different than a typical sex toy shop.

Here's a brief introduction to how we do things, some indie shop lingo to be aware of, and what makes our toys so great!

Safety First

Platinum Cured Silicone

Our toys are 100% Platinum Cured Silicone, a nonporous and nontoxic material that's easy to clean. You can even boil to sanitize!

Other silicones and plastics can pose health risks. Most cannot be sanitized, some are toxic, and they might not be chemically stable.

Platinum Silicone is the ideal material as it's body safe and feels amazing!

squish squish

Toy Firmness

Our toys come in three firmnesses: "soft" 00-30, "medium/soft" 00-40, and "medium" 00-50. You'll see these numbers in each item's title, like on this Magister.

Check out our guide for additional insights so you can choose your perfect firmness!

Firmness Guide
Toys, toys, toys

Our Collections

We currently have six models between two collections.

Our PNW Collection is inspired by local creatures and cryptids. It includes Magister, Sasquatch, our Otter Squishes, and our newest model, Geo!

Our HHT Classics, Axol and Pride Plug, feature more subdued design elements and approachable shapes.

Two ways to shop

Inventory vs Made-to-Order

Inventory Toys include Premium Pours like our Opalescent Rainbow and Seacock Spirit signature colorways, as well as Single-Color Toys. Premium Pours are added during pre-announced drops, but Single-Color Toys may be added at any time. Shop Inventory Toys for one-of-a-kind Premium Pours, to see if there’s a Single-Color Toy with your favorite specs, and for flop deals. They also ship faster!

Made-to-Order (MTO) Toys allow you to customize your toy right down to the firmness, in colors from our two single-color collections, UV-Sparkle and Natural Series. And we never run out!

When operating our standard Shipping and MTO Production Schedules, Inventory Toys ship M/W/F with a 3pm Pacific cutoff, and MTO Toys ship within two weeks of ordering. Please see our Fulfillment Status page for current lead times.

Drop it like it's... huh?

What's a "drop?"

A "drop" is when we add a bunch of Premium Pour toys to our store at a pre-announced time. Premium Pours are usually made with several colors, include UV-reactive pigments, and glow in the dark! They include our signature Opalescent Rainbow and Seacock Spirit colorways. Since Premium Pour toys are all unique, each listing is for a specific toy.

On the other hand, Natural Series and UV-Sparkle Collection Single-Color Inventory Toys may be added to those listings at any time!

Drops are a lot of fun but things move quickly! Read up on our drop-day guide so you can hopefully snag the toy you're after. This is also a good time to suggest that you follow us on social media or sign up for emails!

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Ship shape

Ship it to me!

Orders ship discreet in plain packaging. Most orders ship in brown boxes while small items may ship in a plain envelope. Our standard shipping label lists the shipper as "[Our company initials] Shipping."

Inventory Toys ship M/W/F with a 3pm Pacific cutoff and Made-to-Order toys usually ship within two weeks of ordering. However, as a small business, we occasionally modify our shipping schedule and MTO production schedules as necessary.

Please see our Fulfillment Status page for our current Inventory Toys shipping schedule and MTO Toy Production lead time!

Handmade in seattle

About HHT

Happy Hole Toys is owned and operated in Seattle by a gay-boy couple that believes sex toys should be safe, fun, and approachable -- but also test your limits!

HHT started as a pandemic project in October 2020 with a 3D printer on our kitchen counter. Today, we take pride in making beautiful, thoughtful, high-quality toys, and we'd love to have you as a customer!

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