Meet Geo

It’s no secret – Geo’s got a certain look, one that's earned him a few nicknames! Most people know this phallic PNW mollusk as a Geoduck (gooey-duck), which sounds innocent, but comes from a Nisqually Native American name that roughly translates to "genitals" or "dig deep." Even scientists are in on the joke, naming him Panopea Generosa!

But the jokes don’t bother him, he's everybody’s pal! Geo's a low-key, affable guy who loves that his appearance alone gives a good chuckle. Even the most cantankerous fishermen can’t help but crack a smile and wave when a droopy Geo, tired from a long day tugging his fishing rod, pulls his skiff up to the dock. He sees them, perks up and waves back, and they stroll over to greet their friend and give him a hand unloading.

He loves his little coastal life. Great friends in a beautiful place. And he has a fun secret too – he’s the largest burrowing clam in the world!

size matters

Go Deeper with Geo

Geo is available in six sizes starting with XSmall and is our only model that goes all the way up to XXLarge!

Total Length is measured from the tip to the bottom of the base while Insertable Length is measured from the tip to where the shaft meets the top of the shell, the Shaft-Base.

Top Circumference is measured around the head of the toy and Middle Circumference describes the girth halfway down the insertable length of the shaft, while Shaft-Base Circumference is the girth at the top of the shell.

Our more "determined" customers may be able to enjoy Geo a bit past the shaft-base, until the shell base girth becomes prohibitive. The base is designed to be anal-safe relative to the girth of the insertable shaft.

Click for text-reader friendly Geo size measurements.

Naturally Clamorous

Design & Use Notes

Geo’s elegant, gently ribbed shaft is less girthy than our other models making him the perfect companion to try something new, and is perfect if you’re looking to explore your depths to the fullest or simply find other toys a bit too thick! The anal-safe shell base is beautifully detailed and can be comfortably handheld or placed against a sturdy surface during use.

Geo features our classic matte finish that’s designed to help hold the lube while looking beautiful for years to come.

He's a bit floppy

00-40 vs 00-30

Given Geo's proportions, firmness affects how tall he stands -- especially the larger sizes! One poured in 00-50 (not pictured) easily stands up with a gentle curve. The 00-40 (left) stands upright but a little more relaxed than the 00-50 while the 00-30 (right) is so bouncy that larger sizes may have trouble standing upright! This does not affect insertable length.

See our Firmness Guide for more!

Customers love Geo!

Geo Small

My gooey dude has arrived!!!

"This is my first @HappyHoleToys order & I am over the moon!! This exact green holds the key to my endorphin room and it is flooding right now 😭 Thank you so much for the beautiful package, squishy, stickers, note!! Amazing."

- @Sleepiestdog (Twitter)

Super recommend this cute clammy guy

Definitely one of the most comfortable toys I have used, he touches nice and deep without a painful stretch, perfect for someone easing into bottoming more, like myself.

-@ Inkyquills1 (Twitter)

Geo Medium in Seacock

About the artist


We commissioned the talented Venus -@ultraohwormhole (twitter) to sculpt and bring Geo to life with some amazing character artwork! We couldn't be happier with how this model turned out and we know you will love exploring the depths with Geo.

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