Meet Geo

It’s no secret – Geo’s got a certain look, one that's earned him a few nicknames! Most people know this phallic PNW mollusk as a Geoduck (gooey-duck), which sounds innocent, but comes from a Nisqually Native American name that roughly translates to "genitals" or "dig deep." Even scientists are in on the joke, naming him Panopea Generosa!

But the jokes don’t bother him, he's everybody’s pal! Geo's a low-key, affable guy who loves that his appearance alone gives a good chuckle. Even the most cantankerous fishermen can’t help but crack a smile and wave when a droopy Geo, tired from a long day tugging his fishing rod, pulls his skiff up to the dock. He sees them, perks up and waves back, and they stroll over to greet their friend and give him a hand unloading.

He loves his little coastal life. Great friends in a beautiful place. And he has a fun secret too – he’s the largest burrowing clam in the world!

Go Deeper with Geo

Geo is available in 6 different sizes XS-XL and our new XXL length!!

About the Artist

We commissioned the talented Venus -@ultraohwormhole (twitter) to sculpt and bring Geo to life with some amazing character artwork! We couldn't be happier with how this model turned out and we know you will love exploring the depths with Geo.