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"Axol XL is incredible!

By far one of my favorite toys. The material is so soft. The quality is more than worth the price. I really can’t recommend HHT enough. I also have a 10 inch Pride Plug and it feels just as incredible."

- Anonymous Twitter friend

Axol Medium in Seacock Spirit

"Axol makes me so happy

... I can feel my brain buzzin in my skull. I can't fully capture how intricate the marble is. So full of depth that it's dizzying. I'm in love. Thank you @HappyHoleToys, and thank you for the matching squishy! Now I can carry this amazing pour around with me!"

- @Sleepiestdog (Twitter)

"I love the new dildo!

[Axol's] great. I like to buy sex toys that say, 'penile, but in an abstract way,' and the shape of this dildo does that very nicely. I like how soft and squishy it is, and I love the gradual increase in width along the shaft of the toy. I like the size and the smoothness of it. But it's very beautiful! I love the colors. And I like that they all come out differently. There's never going to be another 008-015, and I think that's pretty cool."

- Perri from Washington

"Excellent product and packaging!

The toys themselves are excellently made, gorgeous items. The attention to detail is fantastic, in the toys and the packaging. The entire experience exceeds expectations. So much care goes in to the packages shipped. I've made more than one purchase and the quality is consistent. I can't say enough good things about shopping with HHT."

- @nickthegeekbear, Twitter

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Reviews & Photos


"Super recommend this cute clammy guy

Definitely one of the most comfortable toys I have used, he touches nice and deep without a painful stretch, perfect for someone easing into bottoming more, like myself."

-@ Inkyquills1 (Twitter)

Geo Small

"My gooey dude has arrived!!!

This is my first @HappyHoleToys order & I am over the moon!! This exact green holds the key to my endorphin room and it is flooding right now 😭 Thank you so much for the beautiful package, squishy, stickers, note!! Amazing."

- @Sleepiestdog (Twitter)

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"A beautiful, wonderfully functional piece of art!"

- @littlemistit, Insta

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Pride Plug

Pride Plug 12 inch in Seacock Spirit (original design)

"10/10 would recommend!

Ok y'all, @HappyHoleToys makes some amazing stuff! I have been stretching myself out on this one for a few weeks now. I'm not there yet but it's a great combination of firmness to help you get it in but pliable enough to be very enjoyable!"

- @PigPupDodger (Twitter)

Pride Plug 12" (00-40) Seacock Spirit (original design)

"I love this plug!

It has a perfect firmness and shape to remain in place comfortably. Not to mention the beautiful color and pour pattern. I knew I needed to have it in my collection from the moment I saw it!"


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Sasquatch Medium in Stormy Seas


"My medium Sasquatch ended up looking even more gorgeous in person, and it feels lovely just to hold/squish as well as in use. I wasn’t too sure about the 00-40 firmness at first, but I ended up absolutely adoring it! The patterning is so pretty, and it reminds me of a fern leaf!"

- Anonymous HHT customer

Sasquatch Large

"I love my Sasquatches!

Favorite dongs in my collection!"

- @LucaDante9, Twitter

Sasquatch Large, XLarge
Reviews & Photos

Group shots

From left: Magister Medium, Sasquatch Large, Pride Plug 6" with Lil' Peckers in front (UV light)

5 stars for sure!

"Overall great experiences buying from HHT and I highly recommend their wares. Sasquatch, Magister and the Pride Plug are lovely models and they have some rad UV and GITD! ✨ Everything is so nicely packaged! 👏"

- @HausGecko, Twitter

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