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Meet Otter Squishes

Otter Squishes are the sweetest little friends! They're sold as a pair and come in two sizes, "pups" and "buds." They're fun to trade, mix in match in your own collection, or give one to your bestie as a symbol of your friendship!

Pups & Buds

Otter squishes are enjoyed by many for non-sexual purposes, simply as a novelty as the fun, cute little friends they are. Some people keep them on the shelves next to their Platinum Silicone toy collection and *boop* the Otter snouts or tummies. Others take them to work as desk fidget buddies!

That said, they are made with the same body-safe materials as our toys and may also be used for external stimulation.

Please note: Otter Squishes are not intended for insertion and are NOT considered anal-safe as they lack a base wide enough to prevent them from unintentionally fully entering the body. 

Customers love Otter Squishes!

Otter Squish "buds"

“My first otter pair"

" 🥲🌸 they are too precious!!"

- @ManicGhost_, Twitter

"I bought a set...

... of Otter Squishies for my mom (they're her favorite animal) and they're super cute! She loves them, and they glow super bright as well."

- Anonymous review

About the artist

Otter Squishes were designed, sculpted, and brought to life to be otterly adorable by the talented Venus - @ultraohwormhole (twitter)

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