PNW Collection

Meet Sasquatch

You’re exploring the forests of the PNW when, through the underbrush, you spot an unusual creature laying among the ferns and sorrel, propped up against a large Douglas Fir. He’s a gnarly, grisly creature, with forest debris in his fur and oversized features that lie somewhere between man and ape. Peering forward to get a clearer view, a branch snaps -- he sees you! You freeze. It couldn’t possibly be... Those are just stories, a hoax.. right?? But, he waves, his hands much larger than a human’s, inviting you closer. He’s quite large but seems friendly, not a menace. Despite his intimidating size, you approach and he lifts his hand from his lap, extending it to offer you a seat beside him and revealing an impressive sight. 

You remove your backpack, take his hand, and join this gentle giant for a rest on the forest floor. Your plans for the day... They can wait. You’ve gotta find out what this cryptid is all about.

Go deeper with Sasquatch

Sasquatch comes in 5 sizes and is also included in the PNW Pack o' Lil Peckers! Check out the size chart to find the right size for you and we are always here to help if you have any questions!

About the Artist

We commissioned the talented Venus - @ultraohwormhole (twitter) to sculpt and bring Sasquatch to life with some amazing character artwork! We couldn't be happier with how this model turned out and we know you will love having him in your collection!

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