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Meet Sasquatch

You’re exploring the forests of the PNW when, through the underbrush, you spot an unusual creature laying among the ferns and sorrel, propped up against a large Douglas Fir. He’s a gnarly, grisly creature, with forest debris in his fur and oversized features that lie somewhere between man and ape. Peering forward to get a clearer view, a branch snaps -- he sees you! You freeze. It couldn’t possibly be... Those are just stories, a hoax.. right?? But, he waves, his hands much larger than a human’s, inviting you closer. He’s quite large but seems friendly, not a menace. Despite his intimidating size, you approach and he lifts his hand from his lap, extending it to offer you a seat beside him and revealing an impressive sight. 

You remove your backpack, take his hand, and join this gentle giant for a rest on the forest floor. Your plans for the day... They can wait. You’ve gotta find out what this cryptid is all about.

Size matters

Go Deeper with Sasquatch

Sasquatch comes in five insertable sizes from XSmall to XLarge and is also included in the PNW Pack o' Lil Peckers!

Total Length is the length of the toy from the tip to the bottom of the base, while Insertable Length is measured from the tip to where the shaft meets the balls, the Shaft-Base.

Top Circumference describes the widest part of the head, while Middle Circumference is the thickest part of the mid-shaft swell.

The balls are designed to be anal-safe so the toy cannot unintentionally fully enter the body.

Click for a text-reader friendly Sasquatch size chart.

Big & Muscular

Design & Use Notes

There's no way around it -- Sasquatch is HUNG! Sasquatch is the model in our lineup that most resembles a penis.  As a half man and half animal, Sasquatch’s muscular member features a unique, filling swell towards the bottom of the shaft – it’s not quite a “knot,” but a nice and thick stretching feature that is amazing to ride.

Sasquatch’s textured balls make a sturdy base that can be handheld or placed against a suitable surface, and it's compatible with many double-sided suction cups. You may also find that the balls provide stimulation for grinding, as your anatomy allows.

Sasquatch's girthy, veiny shaft makes this our most popular dildo model. Don't just go for a walk on the wild side, feel it deep within you!

Customers love Sasquatch!

Sasquatch Medium in Stormy Seas


"My medium Sasquatch ended up looking even more gorgeous in person, and it feels lovely just to hold/squish as well as in use. I wasn’t too sure about the 00-40 firmness at first, but I ended up absolutely adoring it! The patterning is so pretty, and it reminds me of a fern leaf!"

- Anonymous HHT customer

Sasquatch Large, XLarge

"I love my Sasquatches!

Favorite dongs in my collection!"

- @LucaDante9, Twitter

About the Artist

We commissioned the talented Venus - @ultraohwormhole (twitter) to sculpt and bring Sasquatch to life with some amazing character artwork! We couldn't be happier with how this model turned out and we know you will love having him in your collection!

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