Meet Magister

Magister is a social butterfly who can be found scuttling around creating mischief in the eelgrass beds off the coast of Dungeness, Washington. While the King Crab, his cousin, rules the northern seas, Magister concerns himself with treating his partners like royalty and spends his days lifting rocks and maintaining his flawless shell. He’s a looker and he knows it -- as the sun sets and the sand bar fills, Magister’s there showing off his perfectly manicured claws and searching for his mate, or mates, for the night. With broad features and textured appendages, he has a reputation of hitting just the right spot.

He may be a party animal, but recently he’s been longing for more... And he’s highly sought after. A mate who will worship him as well as he pleasures others may just convince him to settle down and develop a deeper creature connection. With devilishly good looks and all the right features, he’s quite a catch.

Go Deeper with Magister

Magister comes in 4 sizes and is also included in the PNW Pack o' Lil Peckers. Check out the size chart to find the right size for you and we are always here to help if you have any questions!

About the Artist

Magister was designed, sculpted, and brought to life with character artwork by the talented Venus - @ultraohwormhole (twitter)

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