HHT Blog - July 2023 Update

We hope you had an amazing Pride Month -- it's hard to believe it's already July!
June was crazy busy and we just didn't have the time to keep up on socials. So, here’s a month's worth of updates all at once!

Let's start at the beginning of the month, and don't miss the details about our upcoming giveaway further down this update!
we out here

White Center Pride!

On June 3rd, HHT participated in our very first in-person event as a vendor, White Center Pride! White Center is just south of West Seattle but feels like another Seattle neighborhood.

The event took over two blocks of the main drag and included several stages, restaurants and gay bars with beer gardens extending into the street, and several vendors selling more common wares including art, plants, and clothes… and there we were selling DILDOS and BUTT PLUGS! 

Glowy Hole glory!

You know how much we love toys that are UV-reactive and glow-in-the-dark, but demonstrating these features on a sunny June afternoon presented a challenge!

Well, this event gave us the opportunity to finally bring the "Glowy Hole" to life! We've been sitting on this idea for the past couple of years and we were so excited to make it happen!

Model: Tyler Richards of @TYMIRA

"Step right up, don't be shy!"

We painted the inside of the Glowy Hole black, installed a foot-pedal activated blacklight, and stocked it with several UV-reactive and glow in the dark toys.

Customers would peer in, step on the foot pedal, and get a big smile before rocking the pedal back and forth toggling the UV brilliance! And, with their foot off the pedal, the glow in the dark toys shone with all their glory! [REWORD]

It was so much fun meeting everyone who came out, we had an amazing time! THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by! We had a great time meeting you and having the opportunity to chat about our company and our toys, and of course spread the good word about Platinum Silicone!

new, pretty colors

UV-Sparkle Color Collection

It’s not Pride without rainbows!

Our new UV-Sparkle Collection is vibrant and UV-reactive with a dash of mica! These made their official debut at White Center Pride at new, lower prices, and now they’re available online!

Choose an inventory toy for faster fulfillment [current fulfillment status], or go Made to Order (MTO) to create your perfect toy! Inventory toys are available on our store, or continue reading for more about MTO toys!

Platinum Silicone is an expensive raw material, but
we believe these single-color pours, at a lower cost, are an important addition to our lineup that increase accessibility to body-safe, non-porous sex toys!

That said, let’s discuss prices...

priced right

New Prices

Boy how time flies! It’s been a little over two years since we launched (more on that later – foreshadowing!), and while so much has changed, our prices have remained the same. 

With our new UV Sparkle colors, we are introducing a two-tier pricing model: 

  • Premium Pours: Each Premium Pour toy is unique and will likely be UV-reactive AND glow in the dark, such as our three signature colorways, Opalescent Rainbow, Seacock, and Stormy Seas. These will only be available as Inventory Toys as each Premium Pour toy is photographed and listed in our store in drops so you can hunt for that perfect pour. (New to drops? Read more!)
  • Standard Pours: Usually will be single-color and may include mica. We have two collections to choose from: the fun, new UV-Sparkle colors, and our more muted Natural Series that you may have seen in our store. While the mica will swirl a bit, these all generally look the same which allows us to use stock photos on our store listings, greatly reducing time spent on photos.

Why two tiers?

Like most things that are pretty, Premium Pours are kinda high-maintenance!

They take 4x as long to pour, require 3x as many supplies (cups, mixing sticks, etc...), and have a higher failure rate. Then, since each toy is unique, they all must be individually photographed and listed on our site, and they have with higher inventory management costs!

After two years with unchaged prices, some of our margins on these Premium Pours were getting pretty unsustainable.

Adding Standard Pours -- at prices LOWER than our old Premium Pour prices -- allows us to fix those Premium Pour margins while making our toys more approachable.

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