Happy Hole Classics

Where we popped our sex toy-making cherry.

Find Pride Plug and Axol size charts, and customer photos below!



A more approchable dildo

Axol was inspired by the cute Axolotl. Its ribbed, thickening form will leave you in ecstasy as you slither down on it!

Five insertable sizes

Approachability not only in model design but size too, new smaller sizes allow beginners to explore with pleasure!

Pride Plug Reloaded

Your favorite Pride Plug has been upgraded, and it's beautiful! The fully redesigned base is more comfortable, easier to grip, and satisfyingly sturdy. The bulb's smooth curves are refined but very familiar -- we know you love Pride Plug and we didn't want to mess up a good thing!

Find the right fit!

Pride Plug comes in seven sizes, from 6" to 12", measured by maximum circumference.

Customer Photos